Designing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for the Future
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Geothermal Innovations Case Studies


(Over 900 Buildings with 200+ Million SF of Floor Space)


LaFontaine Dealership

Location: Highland, MI                                                                                          LaFontaine Dealership

Contact: Ryan LaFontaine, General Manager

Size: Former building was 30,000 sq. ft. & heating/cooling

  • New expanded building is 62,000 sq. ft., includes service bay areas, which have doors that are opening and closing continually.

Former energy bill:  $20,000/month using traditional HVAC.

Current bill: between $3,000 & $5,000/month.

Savings: $180,000 to $ 204,000 per year


 Lawrence Technical University – New Student Services BuildingLawrence University

Location: Southfield, Michigan

Contact: Joe Veryser, Assoc. Dean, College of Architecture

Size: 80,000 sf

Demonstrates geothermal at work: 88 – 300 ft. bores; no boilers,    furnaces or gas meters

Beginning of a campus wide geothermal system

Current bill: No information available yet.

Savings: No information available yet.


University of Toledo – Practice Facility

Location:Toledo, OHUniversity of Toledo

Contact: Chuck Lehnert, Assoc. VP for Facilities & Construction

Size: New Building: 24,000 sf

Renovation (Field House at right): 90,400 sf

Most advanced multi-use facility of its kind in the US

Provides HVAC with ROI under 3 years

42 bores, 300 ft. deep under the Arena – space was a critical issue

Current bill: No information available yet.

Savings: No information available yet.


Crossroads of Michigancross roads

Location: Detroit, MI

Contact:  Mary Hansel, Executive Director (313) 831-2787

Size: 14,000 sf commercial building retrofit

Non-profit, commercial business – social service outreach agency

Savings: They do not have comparison for heating or cooling yet, but they are close to projected cost of heating and cooling bills.


Golden Gate Casinocasino

Location:Las Vegas, NV

Contact: Greg Stevens – Owner (586) 713-9939

Size: 400,000 sf retrofit building

Savings: Eliminated gas bill, reduced electrical bill by about 70%.



Crosswinds Communities – Garden Loftsloft

 Location:Detroit, MI

Contact: Ruth: (517) 545-3900

Size: New Construction Luxury Lofts – 60 Units ranging in size from: 638 sq ft to 1,400 sq ft

Savings: Average utility bill is $30 to $40/month for each unit


University of British Columbia, Okanogan Campus Unv of BC

 Location:British Columbia, Canada

Size:Campus-wide Geo-exchange System

Savings: 88% CO2 emission reduction, or 2,959 Tons/yr, equivalent to taking 14,000 cars off the road over the next two decades. $610,000 per year savings–offsetting the total project’s
capital cost in only 10 years.


Additional Installations

Murray State College  – Tulsa, OK

Eisenhower Medical Center -El Centro, CA

Wayne State University – Detroit, MI           

St. Joseph’s Hospital – Superior Twp, MI

Laurel Island Township – Laurel Island, GA  

Northside Animal Hospital – Tewsbury Twp, NJ

Super Bowl Sports Medicine – Indianapolis, IN