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Meriden, CT

Advanced Energy Group was approved under a formal  Request for Qualifications (RFQ), to  be the primary developer and installer of energy related technologies for properties managed by the the Meriden, CT,  Housing Authority (MHA).  The initial project, which was completed in October of 2013, was the Energy Star rehabilitation of a four unit model building in MHA’s Yale Acres Complex as well as geothermal conversion for two other, four unit buildings. The rehabilitation included the use of Geothermal Innovation’s geothermal technology to supply HVAC needs. Currently residents must purchase heating oil to heat their units, so the upgrade to geothermal promises significant savings for heating costs. In addition, the model project included solar PV, in the form of LUMA’s innovative solar roofing product, as well as solar thermal for domestic hot water use.  Geo Net Zero held an initial training to train local drillers and installers in Connecticut for IGSHPA accreditation.

Front before and after

Front Photo of Energy Star Model Before and After Renovations

back before and after

Back of Energy Star Model Before and After Renovations

A follow up training was completed this winter to certify and hire an additional 10 individuals as part of the New England Renewable Energy (NERE), a cooperative effort by MHA and AEG to create a geothermal and renewable energy workforce in Connecticut. The group has already started on the demolition, rehab, and installation of geothermal on three additional Yale Acres buildings. Several individuals will be trained for solar installation this summer.

AEG was awarded 684 KW of Zero Emission Renewable Energy Credits (ZRECs) by Connecticut Light and Power this spring for the Yale Acres Development. The solar produced and funded through these REC contracts will allow the Yale Acres to come close to being a “net zero” development.  The entire Yale Acres rehab and energy upgrade project is scheduled to be completed by early 2016. For updates on the project please visit our project blog.


This project is being completed with the assistance of Geothermal InnovationsLandmark ArchitectsInnovative Engineering Services,  and New Energy Solutions LLC