Designing Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for the Future
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About US

AEG is a collection of technology and service providers working together to offer you complete energy solutions and funding services:   AEG’s primary and most important partner is Geothermal Innovations, LLC whose founder, Jim Hardin, is the co-inventor of the BiSec and Gi4 Geothermal Heat Exchangers and these technologies are still the foundation of most of AEG’s work establishing Renewable Energy Districts. GI is a product development and engineering company and contacts out a large percentage of its installation work. AEG often performs project management services for GI.

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AEG & Partners AEG’s other 14 member companies provide a wide range of energy conservation and new energy systems, technologies and services. They are independent companies called on individually for any project, for technology or support services depending on the project’s needs. Energy Service Companies working most closely with AEG on its RED projects include:

Partners that work with AEG on projects that also mostly benefit cities and counties, include:

  • Eco-Park/EWI  pollution-free processing of scrap tires, auto-fluff and plastics
  • Idea Biofuels – Energy production from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Other supporting partners include: